Our Story


We are glad to see that you have taken an interest in knowing the Story behind LdX

How it all began…

To begin with, LdX is one of the concrete outcomes of those endless coffee and tea chit- chats that we indulged in since a long time. We wanted to create an online platform to reach out to every person in India who is interested in Law and the Legal field. We really took long time to conduct those talks!! Finally, for us to figure things out and to speed up it took the Pandemic in 2020!! We incorporated and formally launched our platform in July 2020.

What are we?

LdX stands for Legal Education Experts. We are a bunch of friends and professional colleagues who are trying to bridge the gap between the educational resources available to law students across India. We believe that even learning law can be fun and interesting hence we strive to provide quality legal education to our learners in a fascinating and interesting manner.

Our aim is to cater to the needs of students from various cities in India, particularly those from the parts of the country where an opportunity in education is still not optimally developed. These will be some of the remotest areas of the country. LdX being an edu-tech company, we aim to reach these students through technology and online platform. Our aim is to unleash the potential in every ambitious student wherever he/she may be in India & to mentor them in becoming a competent legal professional.

What is our Vision?

Legal Education Experts is an ingenuity with a vision to shape aspiring law students into successful law professionals with the support of learned members of our legal fraternity acting as a guiding light for their young fellows.

What was the need for LdX?

It happened that some Gen Y or Millennial professionals who have had the fortunate opportunity of Studying and Teaching in some of the best Universities and Institutes in India dreamt that quality education, training and appropriate exposure should be the right of every learner in India. We fell in love with Law while still an adolescent and we are in a “relationship” with Law for over a decade now. We aim to just spread this love for Law and build a strong Legal community. During our teaching and learning careers spanning several years, we have come across the fact that now Internet caters to the needs of the students in ways that can potentially make or break the students’ career and shape his/her personality. We aim to use the constructive power of this technology to empower, enrich and benefit the user.

Still, LdX is not a Charity. LdX have its own business model and we are transparent and accountable for that. However, several of our activities are absolutely free and without any economic interest. Others are chargeable.

Yet, we at LdX believe that what makes us stand apart is our ultimate aim of being a Social Enterprise. Yes, we are on a mission to generate a business which also involves a social cause. We want to reach out, transform and lead the average student to some of the best collective goods that proper legal education and professional training can bestow.To transform lives and bridge the inequality is our primary purpose.

What are our Core Values at LdX?

We believe that, being an edu-tech Company, values like truthfulness, honesty, integrity and an unprejudiced mind should be our second nature.

But, let us honestly tell you that we are still figuring out the meaning of these lofty words and how should we practice them in the real-World.

And in this search of ours, we are anchored and deeply inspired by the following:

Preamble to the Constitution of India & Our Fundamental Duties, i.e. Article 51A of the Constitution of India, and specifically:

  1. Clause b, which directs us to cherish and follow the noble ideals which inspired our national struggle for freedom.
  2. Clause h, which directs us to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform.
  3. Clause j, which directs us to strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity so that the nation constantly rises to higher levels of endeavour and achievement.

What are the ‘Activities’?

  1. Webinar: LdX conducts free Webinars accessible all across India on various ground realities and emerging legal issues.
  2. Law Quiz: LdX conducts free online Quiz activities for students all over India. And, apart from the Certificates, there will be cash prizes and One-Week hosting of the Winners on our Website and Social Media handles.
  3. LdX Law Notes: We will provide mentorship and practice sessions for writing the best Law answers and essays. These skills ultimately improve the students’ research and drafting skills.
  4. LdX Journal: We are soon coming up with a blind peer reviewed Journal and then there will be publishing opportunity for students all across India.
  5. Certificate Courses: LdX will provide Certificate Courses in various subjects of Law to students, professionals, industry people, etc.


Team LdX

The First Social Entrepreneurship in Legal Education in India

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