Seeking Free Covid Vaccination For All And GST Waiver On Oxygen Cylinders, The Students Federation Of India (SFI) Moves To Supreme Court

The Students Federation of India (SFI), an establishment that stands for a progressive, democratic, and egalitarian education system in the country, which ensures social justice and intellectual self-reliance has approached the Supreme Court with a writ petition praying for the following reliefs:

1.Directions to provide universal free vaccination to all citizens of India.

2.To waive off the GST levied on the import of the oxygen concentrators used for personal use.

3.Direction to Central Government and its agencies to provide compulsory licenses as per the Patients Act, 1970.

4.Exempt the goods and service tax on the import of Oxygen concentrators imported for personal use.

When presented before it, the Hon’ble Court was pleased to Suo motu hear the matter concerning the supply of oxygen and providing vaccination to all Indian citizens. The application urges the Centre to execute a policy for universal vaccination to each and every citizen of India, free of cost which will safeguard the productive workforce of this nation. The provision of free vaccination will ensure that the poorer sections of the society would be vaccinated, which will in turn help in improving herd immunity in India.

Opining that the Central Government agencies have failed to provide basic health care facilities to the citizens of the nation, essentials to battle the pandemic are being imported from various countries to meet the requisite demand. The waiver of the Goods and Service Tax on the import of oxygen concentrators for personal use will let the citizens to have the essential resources at a reduced cost and will ultimately contribute towards saving their lives.


Snigdha Ghosh

Surendranath Law College, Kolkata

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