Complete Lockdown To Be Observed In Mizoram To Control Spread Of The Deadly COVID-19.

Mizoram on Friday reported 235 new Covid-19 positive cases and as of now has 1,906 of total active cases of Covid-19. With the highly increasing COVID-19 cases, The Mizoram government has decided to observe a 7 days long lockdown in the state starting from May 10. The lockdown will commence on 10 May at 4a.m. and will remain in implementation till 17 May, 4 a.m.

Aizawl and other provincial headquarters are presently observing a lockdown. Curfew will be implemented in all provinces from 7p.m. to 4a.m. by the orders of the Magistrate. The state has also forbidden any social gatherings for now.

Intra-state and Inter-village activities are rigidly forbidden except in unavoidable circumstances. Whereas, the inter-state borders will remain in action. The visitors and returnees will be required to present a negative report of the RT-PCR test. As a precautionary measure, it has been made obligatory for all the visitors and returnees to stay in self isolation for 10 days. 


Aakriti Saini

Chandigarh University

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1 thought on “Complete Lockdown To Be Observed In Mizoram To Control Spread Of The Deadly COVID-19.”

  1. Ujala Rajput

    The article is quiet good and is directly with words required to be a news not some kinda dailysoap story that our media presents today!!

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